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Established in 1996, the Readers’ Group is a non-profit organisation, based in Melbourne, Australia, which has steadily grown over the years to include hundreds of members around the globe of lay faithful, priests, and religious, who all receive a quarterly bulletin and communicate with each other and support the use and spreading of Maria Valtorta's writings. We operate completely on devoted volunteers.

The Maria Valtorta Readers’ Group (MVRG) is interested in pursuing new endeavours to enhance and expand the activities and outreach of the Maria Valtorta Readers’ Group. However, to begin these endeavours, we need assistance from MVRG readers who have particular skills in various areas:

• We would like to release MVRG online videos showcasing excerpts from Maria Valtorta’s writings according to various themes. We would like these videos to be as professional-looking as possible. If you or someone you know has video editing/design experience and would be interested in this project, please let us know. 

• Sometimes we receive Italian articles and information from Valtorta fans and researchers who live in Maria Valtorta’s home country Italy. Oftentimes, we would like to make these available to English-speaking readers. If anybody who is able to translate Italian would like to assist with this, please let us know and it would be much appreciated!

Any profit from the items you purchase from us goes directly to this apostolate. If you wish to purchase books, booklets, or audio, or make donations, please contact: 

If you are interested in making donations to promote the cause and works of Maria Valtorta, also please consider donating to the Foundazione Maria Valtorta CEV (The Maria Valtorta Foundation). This foundation is a non-profit organisation that is in charge of preserving and operating the Valtorta House-Museum in Viareggio, Italy, the digitalization and preservation of her original Italian manuscripts, Valtorta translation endeavors, and other activities in the promotion of Maria Valtorta's writings and the preservation of this cultural heritage.

To find out more information or to make a donation, please visit their website:

You can contact them via their contact form on their web page. They do have people on staff who can read and reply in English.

Thank you!

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