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Chaplet of the Holy Family (CD and booklet)

From David Murray (creator of the chaplet of the Holy Family): A largely overlooked but very special Readers’ Group production is the “Chaplet of the Holy Family” – on a single audio CD and transcript booklet – and arranged like a rosary with five decades:

Man and Woman; The Soul of a Child; Wife and Mother; Husband and Father; and Redemption of the Family.

Most of the passages in this chaplet were taken from two previous Readers’ Group booklets: “Marriage and Family Life – With Jesus, Mary and Joseph” and “The Strength and Power of Woman”.

Some years ago this chaplet was prayed with a very special group – travelling by car in Canada. Its effect was extraordinary. Mary McBride – a Canadian – speaks of this experience:

“We were most excited with the CD of the Chaplet of the Holy Family and wish to share it. I also cannot understand why it does not sell so abundantly, but maybe the time for it is close at hand.”

The audio files of the chaplet are available below.

Chaplet of the Holy Family

01. Opening Prayers

02. Man and Woman

03. The Soul of a Child

04. Wife and Mother

05. Husband and Father

06. Redemption of the Family

07. Closing Prayers

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