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Established in 1996, the Readers’ Group is a non-profit organisation, based in Melbourne, Australia, which has steadily grown over the years to include hundreds of members around the world of lay faithful, priests, and religious, who all receive a quarterly bulletin and communicate with each other and support the use and spreading of Maria Valtorta's writings. The Maria Valtorta Readers' Group offers publications of Maria Valtorta’s writings in books and booklets as well as audio CD's and other supporting materials. Bulletins and supplements are sent to members at 3-month intervals. Simply e-mail us to be added to the list. All previous bulletins and supplements as well as a catalogue of what we offer are available on this website.

Maria Valtorta Readers' Group E-mail







     Thank you so much for the invitation to join in your Maria Valtorta Readers’ Group. When I read your literature I knew I had been put in touch with someone who loves and admires Maria Valtorta’s works as much as I do (or even more, if that is possible).

     I cannot tell you how much intense emotion I felt as I read The Poem  the first time. I have now read the English version 3 times, and the Passion even more, and each reading lifts me from my rather mundane existence into the company of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the other hundreds of real human beings that people the pages. I find especially beautiful and divine the sermons of Jesus  they would have to be of divine origin! But every scene, every event, every word, every emotion, is beautiful beyond description…

     I have also read all Maria’s published works (magnificent of course), and re-read her autobiography several times. I cannot know enough about her and the magnificent writings she produced with the guidance of her beloved Jesus.

                                                   ROSE MARY RHODES, Carlingford NSW


     I was given a copy of your recent bulletin regarding the Maria Valtorta writings, and I can honestly say there was nothing I needed more to convince me of the hand of God being in these writings.

     Only recently a friend was telling me she had been advised against reading or promoting The Poem, and this saddened me greatly, as I have been reading the fifth volume over the past few weeks, during my hour in the Chapel first thing each morning. As a result I feel drawn so much closer to Jesus and His Holy Mother, and one can really feel part of the experiences…

     The bulletin has so greatly impressed me, and… I will continue to promote Maria Valtorta far and wide among friends…



     My friend Eva Richter loaned me two bulletins of the Readers’ Group which I was delighted to know of...

     For me, The Poem has been a significant part of my spiritual journey and has given depth of understanding to my reading of the Gospels… I started out very skeptically checking and cross-referencing every scrap that I read against a Bible dictionary, Bible atlas, and the Gospels themselves.

     I remember very early in my reading, I was telling my brother-in-law (he is a member of the Uniting Church, I worship with the Anglican Communion) of this amazing book I had found, but also expressed my reservations about the aspects which I could not validate. He asked me what had been the fruit of this book in my life, so I told him of the increased depth of my prayer-life and increased search of the Scriptures. His very dry comment: “good fruit, keep reading” seemed to be the turning point for me. From that point I could totally accept that the Holy Spirit had led me to these volumes.



     Over the past eleven years, my life has been turned upside down… A personal test in Faith – most definitely; the right to question – most probably; a reason to give up – possibly.

     The response to my simple based Faith, my belief in my God, my heart-spoken prayer – a simple but often repeated message to “Build My Church” ... I knew that Jesus did not mean me to take His word literally – so what did He mean? Where to begin? More anguish, frustration, prayer, and above all more perseverance and trust were needed.

      I came across “The Nativity, the Shepherds, and the Three Wise Men – Extracts from Maria Valtorta’s The Poem of the Man-God”. Within a few days I was totally in love with my new discovery. I would read parts and the tears would begin to flow. The lump in the throat would become so big I thought it would choke me. I would seek out my wife, and fighting back the tears, would re-read the parts to her before we would both, with tears streaming down her cheeks, sit and reflect on the parts of the story we had just completed.

      My wife was so impressed that she bought the first volume as a Christmas present, then the second for my birthday, and so on for subsequent volumes throughout the year. I opened the first page on Christmas night, and am currently more than half way through the third volume.

      Whilst I walked a lonely road to an unknown destination, lost, confused and somewhat downhearted, I met this Man, Who was walking in the opposite direction with some others following Him. He looked at me with such big, beautiful blue eyes. He smiled at me and said: “Come, follow Me and help build My Church, My Name is Jesus.”

      I have followed Him, through this three-dimensional book, across the plains of the Holy Land, in the boats on Galilee, in the various synagogues of Jerusalem and other places. I have followed Him through the countryside, visiting places I have never heard of or could not even pronounce.

      I have met so many people, both good and bad. I have witnessed miracles first-hand and listened spellbound to His sermons and parables. I have shed tears with Jesus, experienced anger at Judas, felt the love of Mary and John, and laughed with Peter and Thomas. I have spent Retreat times with Jesus and His apostles. I have prayed with them, been dispatched on mission work with them (hurrying back to report to Him and share my successes and failures with those of the apostles), and I have witnessed Jesus pray to His Father.

      I have spent just over two years of His public life with Him and I know Him intimately. I love Him so much. I want to give Him my shoulder to cry on, my chest to lean on, my arms to rest in, my heart to love Him, my soul to relieve Him, and my life to do with what He wills.

      I follow Him every day. By following Him I simply love Him, and by showing His daily life I am able to touch people in an intimate way, in the same way that I have watched Jesus touch people.

      In the ministries in which He has led me – the youth, the sick, the aged and the grieved, I simply act as an extension of the Jesus that I follow and know so well.

      Yes, my Lord, I will “Build Your Church”. I now know now because You are showing me firsthand. You show me how to love my neighbour, my friends, even my enemies. You show me pure Charity, pure Love. You teach me, by your example, the way You want me to act towards others. I bless You for the day we met on the road, for Your invitation to follow You, and for the opportunity to get to know and love You so much...


            (Barry finished Volume 5 on Christmas Day, exactly a year after he started Volume 1.)


      … Over 63+ years of convent life, I have read many books of Christ’s life among us, but none came up to The Poem. As soon as I finish Volume # 5 I go back to Volume # 1 and start again.  So far I have probably read them all at least seven times. These days I alternate with the Bible (as Our Lady asked us to read the Bible). When I first came to the Passion of Our Lord in Volume # 5, I just couldn’t read it all – too realistic and too terrible – but now I read it all, and don’t rush through as I did at first. My excitement at finding this wonderful life of Jesus made me hurry up and start again, but now I take it slowly.

      All people who lived during the hundreds of years before The Poem missed a lot, so we who are given this gift of The Poem have a lot to live up to…I’ll keep the group in my prayers.

SISTER M.C., South Australia


      My mother and I first read The Poem of the Man-God a few years ago. My mother, being a speed reader, has gotten through (the five volumes) at least three times. She says her favourite is the first on Our Blessed Mother.

      We each were reading our own particular volume, and each night we would read aloud three of four chapters – which lead us to discussion and a clearer understanding of Our Lord’s teachings. Some of it was very daunting, and at times we felt like children who had gotten into trouble and had lessons to learn. But there was always the Love. We experienced all emotions, and (thanks to God) we never doubted the writings.

      Although we had conflicts from outside, we trusted in Him, and stumbled along on our spiritual life.

      I love The Poem. He is there.

            TINA SPOONER, Woomera, SA


…These books have given me so much confidence to speak out. I love having the Jehova’s Witnesses around – and if I’m needed to say anything on morals or values (or re-incarnation, evolution, astrology etc.), I’m often quoting The Poem. I listen, then say: “yes, I see your point, but I see it like this…” My whole personality changes. I become enthusiastic, alive – isn’t it wonderful!



I have finished The Poem, so now I am starting again – slowly. How much I missed on the first reading, because I was so anxious to hear it all. Now I can really savour every word.



…I received my much awaited box of books with great joy! I intended to slowly go through the Notebooks first, to prepare for The Poem, but after having dipped in at random in Volume 1, I was gone. So now it is some of the Notebooks, whilst enjoying Volume 1.

My 18-year-old and 12-year-old caught my enthusiasm and asked me to share with them, so we read aloud together – it is such a great joy for us all.

We were over at one of our married sons’ last night, and as the conversation turned to God – as it so often does – we began to talk about the treasure He had sent us so recently. Our excitement showed, and now they will ring you to order. I expect that when we share with the rest of the family, a similar thing will follow!...
      The closeness we feel for Jesus and His Mother, through reading The Poem together, is very special …



I never get tired of reading The Poem of the Man-God. I read [these volumes] continually, and there is always something to surprise me. This is the fourth time I have read them, and there is always something I have missed or forgotten. They are a great source of spiritual uplifting and consolation for me…



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The Poem of the Man-God (now entitled The Gospel as Revealed to Me)

      The Poem has changed my life forever. Just over a year ago, I knew nothing about religion  until my mother-in-law lent me her copy. The joy my soul received, and the intimate friendship I have formed with Jesus and Mary, have enriched my life beyond words.

     The beautiful visions are imprinted in my heart. I feel I’ve walked each mile with Jesus, while He lovingly caresses my soul with wisdom.

     I suffered deep agony after losing the love of my life, Mark, in an accident – while five months pregnant with our daughter Grace. The Poem is the only thing that kept me alive through this pain. Each time I read it, another lesson of love filled me with peace and hope – to trust in Jesus, and in eternal life….

     I will eternally be a child of God, and I hope that others have the opportunity to be touched by these beautiful books.                          



I would probably have a hundred or more books in my collection about different mystics, saints, theology etc., but Maria Valtorta’s books far outshine any of the others  in the knowledge of Jesus and His teachings. They are so interesting. While I am reading The Poem, I can become completely unaware of my surroundings, and I am with Him in all He does…



[While reading The Poem], I have this experience of bursting into tears. Sometimes tears of joy, sometimes of sorrow. Most people would think I'm nuts – as a mere line, a mere sentence, can have me halted for an unpredictable period ... It takes me to many places in reflection, prayer, wondering... [It is] all a grace of this priceless work, for sure. It is wholesome, and a gift, to hear another person knowing what this is...



You may be interested to know that we are Protestants (Pentecostals) who have been immensely blessed by the treasures of Maria Valtorta's writings… May the Lord use Maria's writings to bring about the unity of all Christians which He so desires.



... I resumed my spiritual reading program with my blind friend Mark. I read all five volumes to him over the telephone. It was amazing. I flew through the pages. Time vanished. Sometimes, I would read to Mark for 3 hours, but it seemed like half an hour! I knew it was the grace of our Lady and the Holy Spirit… Mark and I found inspiration and consolation from the months of reading together. We used the Ignatian approach, and put ourselves into each scene, along with Maria.



I have read these books at least 7 times, and each time I find this reading more interesting, I love the way Jesus talks with Peter, the way He encourages him to improve his behaviour. And John of Endor is an example of Divine Mercy. I just want you to know that these books have changed my life and my point of view of Judas Iscariot. He had all the help, he had all the attention, he had all the tools to be saved, and at the end he didn´t want to be saved.

MARY, from México


I was particularly thrilled to read some of the comments from other readers. It is like my own journey with The Poem – not a day goes by without me picking it up. I used to be an avid reader of all literature, not realizing I was looking for “the Truth”. And upon opening my first volume, my “whole self” knew this was “IT”. My search was over, and my journey with Our Lord begun. (Now all other literature, including the great classics, have nothing to give – they are just stories, no more, no less.)



I am a lonely soul in the wilderness up here in Sweden. First of all there are not many Catholics here. And secondly, no-one seems to have any knowledge about the Valtorta books. If I tell people, most of them react with [caution], being afraid that this is not good. So I have been drinking this divine water, which in my opinion is as wonderful a gift as I can ever imagine, all alone. I have been sorry for not being able to share my bewilderment with anyone. But from your web-site I have read that the joy is similar to that of other readers in the world.



It is heartening to learn that so many of the Maria Valtorta readers are in tune with each other, such kindred spirits, and yet we have never met except through the books. I have no doubt that if a group of total strangers who read Maria's books were to meet, they would be as comfortable with each other as if they had been friends for years. Such is the spiritual bond amongst the readers.



The Poem makes the Bible “come to life”. How much I entered the life and times (and still do) of Jesus, Mary and Joseph – and a host of so many. They all become “3-dimensional”, living persons – and I almost become one of the group. Nothing has changed over all these years, I still feel Jesus walking along with me in the street, [with] His darling Mother. All the events are so real. The love, the hard times, the agony – they will never be erased from my mind….  



…Good Friday has taken on a new meaning since The Poem books. I had no idea what a crucifixion was, and how intense Jesus’ suffering and His Mother's suffering were. I presume I thought that He had all the help from Heaven and didn't really suffer much. Now I go to Mass and cry, because of the horrors that He and His mother went through. And they went through these alone, as Heaven wasn't with them... I had always seen it through Jesus' sufferings, but [later] MY whole focus was on Mary's suffering, and on her dealing with the greatest evil of all time. I gained a lot of respect and love for Her, seeing this from Her perspective...

JAN BODLUND, (near) Calgary AB, Canada


These books have been our vitamins, minerals and strength. We read Maria Valtorta each day – there is no confusion with the teachings, they bring joy and delight. Everything is so clear with the guidance we receive, it brings us closer to Jesus and Mary. People to whom we give her material come back to the Church.

MATILDE DE CORREA, Buones Aires, Argentina


The Poem should be in the display cases of every library in the country, if not the world. It should be promoted in Churches and should be in the Catholic High School curriculum ... The Poem is so powerful. Remember when Jesus said: "What is hidden in the darkness will be pronounced from the highest rooftops!"...

JIM DELUCA, Parma, Cleveland OH, USA


Eight years ago I was introduced to the writings of Maria Valtorta by the kindly sacristan of St. John's Church in Orewa. Gradually I was able to obtain the five volumes of The Poem of the Man-God. They are an astounding treasure, quite breath-taking, opening the door to a wondrous new level of spirituality. Just one thing has puzzled me – how come these revelations have not spread like wildfire? Now, looking at the Babe in the crib, the answer is as always ... God's ways are not our ways. Gentle conquests, peaceful penetration, rather than the whirlwind success I would like ... may those of us who have found this Pearl of great price treasure it beyond all else.

SR. BARBARA CROMBIE, Auckland, New Zealand


I am finishing reading the 5 volumes of The Poem for the fifth time, and am always amazed that each reading brings new insights about our Faith.  



I am coming to regard Maria Valtorta as the greatest mystic of all times – who has published her conversations with God ... The revelation of God's thinking on so many matters gives a new reasonability to my faith, and I think it will lead to a renewal of Christendom ... I use many of her inspirations and ideas in my work as philosopher-theologian ... The Divine Judge will know who to credit, namely Himself and His "Voice".

            From a Priest in the USA


My favorite line from The Poem, regarding Joachim and Anne, is: "They were dreaming of a child. They got the Mother of God." (Vol. 1, p. 15)



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The Notebooks


I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying The Maria Valtorta Notebooks 1943 ... The more I read the work, the more I find answers to all the questions I would like to ask Jesus if I could.  I feel He has anticipated my doubts, fears, wonderings and my need for clarity on many aspects of my spiritual journey – so wonderfully. I am amazed… I do hope your efforts to bring the writings of Maria Valtorta to as many as is possible exceeds beyond all expectations, for the souls of all those who might be benefited, encouraged and uplifted.




… I find when I open Notebooks 1943 that there are passages that catch my attention, and it is as though I had never read them before. So I re-read, and gain greater insights every time. I marvel at the numerous interventions of Jesus and Mary – with messages of hope, warning and encouragement for these times. We are in good hands, and how loved we are by them both …

CELINE RYAN, Stokes Valley, New Zealand


I have started reading Notebooks 1943 – every word is finding a home in my heart… What a special, blessed day you shared with us in Boyanup… (and the) honest open sharing which touches the hearts of others as we are all such broken people… I too had a conversion experience, and thank God every day for the gift of faith in Him. Maria Valtorta’s books have been a most treasured possession (which have) helped me very much on my faith journey, and others who have borrowed my books…




I have been captivated with the 1943 and 1944 Notebooks as I hadn't read them before. They are a gem for covering and explaining almost all aspects of our faith.  What a gift!



Immersing myself again in the Notebooks, I am in awe of the love of Jesus, Our Lord, in pouring out the words He is dictating to Maria Valtorta. Really, really awesome!! A ”must” read – Be inflamed !!  




Over the years, I have lived with one book of Maria Valtorta's works that has given me more spiritual growth than any other book I've found, anywhere, which is Notebooks 1943. Every morning, before Mass, I open it up at random and let my eyes fall on a specific underlined passage, Wow! Our Blessed Lord, His Mother, the Holy Spirit, God, I get my words of wisdom and help from the greatest Sources. How Blessed I am. When I first began to use it, I first went through it page by page, thought by thought, underlining what I found helpful. And many years later, I still find gems I had missed, so I always keep my highlighter close by.

ED FORD, Scottsdale AZ, USA


The passage: “An Hour of Preparation for Death” (in Notebooks 1945-50) and is absolutely amazing.

GWEN STORY, Taradale, New Zealand


(Jesus is speaking of an ultimate justice for unbaptized and worthy souls, who will be admitted to the eternal joys of Heaven. He says:)

      “A great number of the just had been waiting for centuries and millennia for the Redemption, in purifying them from sin, to allow them to come to form part of the Kingdom of God, where only those who have supernatural Life in themselves can enter. An even greater number of men, who have come after Christ, are waiting to enter when their purification from serious voluntary sins is completed, or when Most Perfect Justice opens the Heavens to all who lived and acted with charity and justice – according to the law of conscience – to serve and honor, thereby, the Being who they felt existed, thus forming part of the soul of the Church.

      “It is unthinkable that God – Perfect Charity who has created all souls, predestining them to Grace – should exclude from his Kingdom those who, through no fault of their own, have not received Baptism. What sin have they committed? ... Are the new-born who die at birth responsible for not being baptized? Can God act cruelly towards all of these, who are not the "church" in the strict sense of the word, but are such, in having received their souls from God, and having died as innocents because they died at birth? Or [can He act cruelly towards] those who have lived as just people through their natural tendency to do good, in order, in that way, to honor the Supreme Good, to whose existence everything in and around them bore witness? No, and a convincing indication – that such is not the case – is the inexorable, very severe judgment of God regarding those who suppress a life – even an embryonic one, or one just born – keeping it from receiving the Sacrament which removes original sin...”

(Notebooks 1945-50, pp. 561-2)


Lessons on the Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans

As with all the other Valtorta books ... Paul to the Romans was beautiful. I could not put it down, and I read the entire book in a month. I found myself disappointed, reaching the end. This book had a lot of answers to my own personal life. Definitely a MUST READ for Valtorta fans.



I have started reading the Lessons on the Epistle to the Romans and I am enthralled! It is enlightening, absolutely wonderful and spurs you on!!



For almost ten years a small group of the faithful have met at my home for Bible study and fellowship. As pilgrims having both desire and hunger, we have not had to die of thirst along the way. We've been nourished by God's Word and the revealed truths from The Poem right there before us. This year being the Jubilee Year to the Apostle Paul we have studied, chapter by chapter, Maria's Lessons on the Epistle of St, Paul to the Romans, which I believe is something of a classic. [It’s a] Theology of Saint Paul. The more we have experienced, the more we have been invited to contemplate rather than analyze the deep mysteries. The riches have come as a pure gift from God, a new manifestation of his grace and a source of continual thanksgiving.

 “ELIZABETH”, Northern NSW


What an incredible read this book is. Just wow !!! I found it could be read only in small doses, slowly. Re-reads were often needed as I went along, and only to be read in peaceful and quiet solitude. What incredible writings !!!! Yet, so they should be. They come from GOD Himself, right! All praise to HIM!! When I read the last page I immediately started on the first page again. Wish my feeble brain could take and keep it all in!! Am sharing parts with my prayer group.



I really got a lot of value out of the Holy Spirit’s book of dictations on Paul to the Romans. It blew me away in parts, and I absolutely love the Holy Spirit speaking to us in this way.



I have finally finished Paul's ... Letter to the Romans. It is a wonderful resource and has such great explanations... It is a reference book for frequent use. I underlined so much to read again.

    EILEEN AIKEN, Ardee Co. Louth, Ireland

The extract from St. Paul’s Letters ... about how God created the different grades of life, really enthralled me. There is so much richness in these writings, that scientists should gather much critical data from studying them. Especially in the Creation/Evolution debate, the writings strike a fatal blow against the flimsy auto genesis theory.

PATRICK OWENS, Calgary AB, Canada


The Book of Azariah

I'm reading Azariah right now. What a blessing. I get so engrossed in it, and then occasionally I'll pause, in wonder, that I'm actually reading "angel-speak." I love that it is presented liturgically, because I … write/present the (lay) homilies at our Wednesday morning church services, and to have these thoughts from/of Jesus, through Azariah, through Maria, is priceless.

DEB JOHNSON, Mississippi, USA

I still love all of Maria’s works, and read The Book of Azariah before every Mass on Sundays and special Feast days – especially the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which has a glorious text by Azariah… I have plenty of people to discuss the books with, so I am very blessed…



In Tobit, Raphael uses the name Azariah, Hebrew for "God's helping hand." If Raphael told Maria that his name was Azariah, God's helping hand, he was telling her that he was there to help her. Maybe that's why she was able to write so much, so quickly, and still retain her own personality and culture.



Soul to Soul

(In what is among the most significant words of wisdom offered to us in this book, Azariah describes the hidden work of souls, communicating with other souls.)

    “Souls seek God. It often seems to you that they do not. You do not know the spiritual sufferings of a soul enclosed in a body and subject to thoughts which are hostile to God. Those who possess these disheartened souls do not themselves notice the tears of their blinded, chained soul going about in distress in search of the Light ... (Sometimes a soul receives) mysterious words to bear off with itself in secret. Words which seem to have been spoken and received in vain and which sometimes reappear on one’s death-bed and win the final battle, delivering a spirit to God.

    “Many words are not needed. Sometimes none. To see one another – a glance. Your eyes gaze in a way that is no longer earthly. You look, but it is not you – Christ looks through you. You see, but you do not see the man in front of you. You see his soul with your soul... while your lips are silent, your soul loves. And by loving, it caresses and comforts the embittered, sick, irate soul speaking to you. You also speak sometimes and say commonplace words to commonplace listeners, from whom you want to keep your secret hidden. But ... now and then a spiritual gem falls from your lips, like a spark escaping from the Fire possessing you, and the one speaking with you receives it and meditates upon it, and his soul awakens, reflects, and sometimes decides.

    “Nothing from the works of love is ever lost...“

  [pp. 270-1 (1993 Edition), 280-1 (2007 Edition)]


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The Maria Valtorta Readers' Group Bulletins and Supplements

 I found that as I read the excerpts compiled in the Supplement: “Peace, Agitation and Discernment”, I wanted to go back to some of these passages and put the excerpt in context. The compilation did a beautiful job of giving deeper insight into the fundamental rule for discernment of spirits, as in The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius.  




 … It's always a good day when a bulletin arrives. I immediately put everything else away and read every word of it. There is always so much to reflect on, so much spiritual food. It also gives a sense of renewal, to be connected with those who share the same faith and beliefs, and often the same thoughts and insights. The Maria Valtorta readers are a real family, always sustaining each other. So a heartfelt thanks for keeping us all together.




Thanks for the bulletin. In no time it was whisked out of the letterbox, opened and read. I can clearly see that many members in the Readers' Group really look forward to the bulletins… especially people who are isolated from other Valtorta devotees and can't share it with anyone.



I love the supplements. The lessons and instructions contained therein are simple, but profound, [as are] Jesus’ teachings in The Poem. Love them! I find myself contemplating throughout the day, on what I read the previous evening.

CONNIE ROPER, Alexandra Headland, QLD


Thank you so much for sending me that newsletter, I had no idea that there were so many readers of Valtorta in Australia and around the world. As I read peoples’ comments, I was consoled and happy that others find peace and truth in her writings, especially many who have experienced that some passages are linked to our daily lives. I have experienced that some passages tie into the homilies at church, and some teachings are for me only. The Lord often lets me read what I need to understand in that particular day. which I am convinced is the work of the Holy Spirit… I’ve read The Poem twice, and I’m just finishing the Notebooks. I’ve lost interest in TV, and I am at much peace.



I was going back over previous bulletins, to the first one in April 1996 – how the time has flown. It was so interesting, and I found John Haffert’s article wonderful. He says it all, when he says that The Poem brings Jesus and the Gospels “alive”… [People] don’t realise what they’re missing.



Thanks for the Bulletin. The one thing in particular that I've noticed is that your Readers' Group is certainly becoming global. Emails in just this particular bulletin have come from Zambia, a handful from the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain & Colombia. It must be a wonderful feeling to see Maria's work spreading all over the globe. And l really liked "A Moment of Truth". After reading it, it certainly makes me think...



I feel like shouting 'praise the Lord'! Thank you so much for sending the bulletins! It is so great to know that there are other people that discovered God through Maira Valtorta's revelations! These books have been my nourishment for years and years! We get to know Jesus and Mary and all of the others mentioned in the Bible, so intimately! There is a closeness then that will never be destroyed in our hearts!

GAETANE CREPEAU, Kenabeek ON, Canada


I've been reading again [some back-issues of] the bulletins/supplements you originally emailed here. It has been a blessed afternoon. As yet I’ve been unable to personally know another María Valtorta reader. The bulletins and supplements are blessed reassurances across planetary distances.

MIMI KINTNER, Santiago, Chile


Thank you for the bulletin. The testimonies shared and the excerpts from the Poem never fail to keep my desire to know Jesus and Mama Mary burning. I share the stories and the Bulletins to others, and I hope that in God's own way, my friends will find the only real treasure.

EDGAR BAHALA, Davao City, Philippines


I was pleased to read the letter in the bulletin from Robert Gebert who repeats what St. Jerome says: “When we pray, we speak to God; but when we read, God speaks to us”. Isn't this true when we read the Bible, or The Poem that Jesus has given to us as a gift through Maria Valtorta? Also, reading these wonderful works usually leads into praising God for such a gift anyway.

GWEN STORY, Waipawa, New Zealand


Thank you so much again for sending me the latest Bulletin. I keep the bulletin near my bed for about a week as I read it again and again, and then I file it. Very often I print extra copies and give to friends to read. They uplift my spirit and give me much spiritual food. For me, The Poem has been the most amazing literature I have EVER come across, but unfortunately, not all feel the same way, which absolutely amazes me... I just want to hear about Jesus, His life, His teachings in the messages as He speaks to us individually…

MARY VAN KETS, Pretoria, South Africa


I want to thank you, and to inform all the devoted readers of revelations made to Maria Valtorta by LORD JESUS, that I’ve translated parts of the attachments you’ve sent me, to my family and to friends whom we are attending Rosary with.




The Pilgrim's Guide to the Poem of the Man-God (Note there is a new edition for the English Second Edition now as well)

… In the name of Jesus and Mary I wish to thank you for your efforts in your publications of your newsletter and the Pilgrim’s Guide, to help the reader in assessing these writings.



What a shock I got when I picked it up. I stopped what I was doing, and looked at the reference to Joachim and Anne… How you have put it all together is beyond me…     

I am about to start Volume 1 for the third time, but it will take longer to read – it will be more enjoyable because I will be referring to the Guide as I read.




This work has been a torrent of inspiration for me, particularly the Biblical section, which opens a new understanding and much deeper insight to the Bible.      




The “Pilgrim’s Guide” brings to life the Scriptures. I have often found them hard to study, but with this wonderful Guide I can find whatever volume I want (in the daily Mass readings), and I feel so delighted, that it deepens my desire to know Jesus more, and to love Mary and Jesus and dear St. Joseph. The apostles’ distinct personalities come to life, and I can relate to them – especially the impetuous Peter. It gives one hope… What a treasure!

GERDA HUGHES, Mullumbimby, NSW


I spent yesterday studying the “Pilgrim’s Guide – I loved it, and am astounded (at the) work that went into it.I’ve started reading Vol. 1 to my 10-year-old daughter this week, and that prompted an immediate research (Vol. 1, p. 38): the Child Mary requesting the story of Gabriel and Daniel, where Christ is promised. So now, I’ve read the book of Daniel!…                         



I'm going to attempt to explain why I think the 'Guide' is great, and very, very important. The 'Guide' to Maria Valtorta's Poem, is without a doubt 'THE CONCORDANCE' for the monumental work and masterpiece of Maria Valtorta's Poem of the Man-God. This 'Guide' is an irreplaceable aid… for any serious lover or student of the Poem. The 'Guide' helps the reader find words or passages effortlessly and quickly – whereas without it, it would take hours or days. It guides students, priests, or readers to find specialized topics and issues for projects, studies and for 'guidance' in our Lord's words and lessons. The 'Guide' also helps to further prove the genuineness of Maria Valtorta's visions and works, by just glancing at it and seeing the wealth of scripture passages covered. It further demonstrates the loving divine Mercy the Lord has shown to us in The Poem of the Man-God, by giving this to us, and to future generations. 



What a superlative & gorgeous effort, truly a work of love – superbly organized, condensed, edited, inspired dedication. I appreciated the Foreword, the cover, the spiral binding, the protective plastic, the explanations for approaching each section, the brilliant & considered use of abbreviations – and the map! My Poem is in Spanish, probably Castillian, and glorious. But I know of nothing comparable, even commenced, like your Pilgrim's Guide, to accompany it. With English my native language, Spanish a close second, I am doing a lot of mental translation, all proper names, geographical. However, your Pilgrim's Guide is A Gift!

PHILIP HOLZMANN, Santiago, Chile



The Readers' Guide to Maria Valtorta's Other Writings

I'd like to order this Reader’s Guide ... I have actually been making my own index as I made my way through them, but would certainly appreciate someone else's hard work.

I must say that these guides are a true gift. I congratulate and thank those responsible.

STUART McGOVERN, Dalkey Co. Dublin, Ireland


Thank you so much, for the new Reader's Guide ... What a wonderful gift for us! Not only does it provide easy cross-referencing, but the 31 pages of ‘extras’ at the back – the Appendices 1 to 5 – are so full of wisdom and enlightenment that they take my breath away. I particularly found Appendix Two, 'Teachings for Spiritual Nourishment and Survival' and Appendix Three, 'Highlights of Maria Valtorta's Writings – and Scripture' sooooo helpful! I feel so blessed at being presented so readily with all this knowledge.

GWEN STORY, Napier, New Zealand


Another great labor of love which the Lord will surely bless abundantly. Looks like an excellent topical and scriptural guide for homilists and Valtorta readers ... along with the well-chosen excerpts from her various other writings.

(From a Religious Brother in the U.S.)


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The Gospel Meditated Rosary

(On each of the audios, passages describing the relevant five Mysteries – directly from Maria Valtorta’s writings – are interspersed between the “Our Fathers” and the “Hail Maries” of the 5 decades. An accompanying booklet contains the total scripts, and like the Pilgrim’s Guide, has wire binding for opening flat. Here is some feedback.)



Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the recording for the Rosary… It was a wonderful experience for me, and I feel privileged to have been there. I know that I will always pray the Rosary differently now – it has a much more deep and intense meaning for me…                                                    

PAM YOUNG, Frankston, VIC



Words cannot express the experience of walking those steps with Jesus and Mary… The Sorrowful Mysteries and Glorious Mysteries are a sneak preview to Volume 5. However, the story is known – it is the details and emotions that speak to me, and increase my love and honor for our God.




The meditations on the Holy Rosary are just so beautiful. The more lines I pray, my soul steps into the picture – I feel I am in that journey with Jesus and Mary. My spirit is travelling with them in every word, in every thought, in every deed, in every joy, and in every sorrow. And I feel I am giving Our Mother a little comfort by making this journey with her.



It is great to be able to pray the Rosary again while driving. I really missed the CDs in the week I did not have them.



I have an Anglican friend who has recently started to pray the Rosary, and during the time leading up to Christmas I invited her to join me in listening to the Gospel Meditated Rosaries. So far she has only joined me for the Glorious and Joyful mysteries. On both occasions she was transported (as I am) into the place and time. Her eyes filled with tears at the beauty of the descriptions, and after we had listened the second time she said that her understanding of the Gospel stories had been greatly deepened. How could anyone listen to those audios and not have a devotion to Mary, who only wants to bring us closer to her Beloved Son? For some time now I have been asking Our Lady to show me how to bring other Anglicans to her. She is showing me in amazing ways, and I think the story has only just begun!

SUE MAIN, Lower King, WA


It had just occurred to me that this might be a good way for people to learn English, through listening to Readers' Group audios, and with an Australian accent. My 11+ year-old grand-daughter found the typed chapter of Jesus' birth and that of the shepherds too demanding… but the speaker's voice is so gentle and leads so well…

MIMI KINTNER, Santiago, Chile


Thank you for this beautiful reading from Valtorta. There is something extra beautiful to listen to a reading rather than to read.



I’m thrilled with how wonderful the Gospel Meditated Rosary CDs are. They bring me deeply into the Mysteries.

            (From a Seminarian in Queensland)


I started listening to the meditations on the Sorrowful Mysteries CD and they are very sad and touching. How awesome is the love of Jesus to go through such a redemptive sacrifice so we can enjoy Heaven.

AMY BARTJES, Windsor Gardens, SA




The Stations of the Cross (Audio)

I had a phone call from a lady from Cork last night. She is at the Divine Mercy conference in Dublin. She listened to the audio of the Stations of the Cross, which I had given to her last year, and was so bowled over that she got permission to play it during their Adoration (part of the vigil from the 1st Friday to 1st Saturday). When the audio stopped running, the sound of sobbing could be heard.

EILEEN AIKEN, Ardee, Co. Louth, Ireland



The "Praying the Rosary – with the Writings of Maria Valtorta"

(There’s been a flood of e-mails and letters about this Rosary pocket-book. Here are just some of them.)


It is a marvellous book for praying the Rosary. I see that the passages are abridged from the Readers' Group's "Gospel Meditated Rosary." I think that this was done well, as this format will make it more regularly used.



Many thanks for the booklet. I'm currently looking through it, and so far it looks really good. I particularly like the four colour pictures of the four mysteries. It's small enough to carry to adoration, or even just on public transport – as I often say the rosary when I'm travelling on the train to the city.




I am delighted with the insights the Rosary booklet gives me, as I pray the Rosary with this guide. I was praying with a Protestant friend the other day, and it just seemed to address his particular concerns as we read the Luminous mysteries. The booklet itself is convenient to carry in my handbag, as it has such a durable cover and is just the right size to slip in. Gone are the days of reading old magazines in waiting rooms, when I have a treasure like this in my handbag.



How beautiful I think the "Praying the Rosary" pocket-sized book is! It is so well done. I love the size, the quality of the cover, the paper – as it will resist wear and tear of continual daily handling. And the ribbon marker is the icing on the cake. Now spiritually, it is phenomenal. I used mine last evening and this morning and all I can say is that it has the quality spiritually to erase all time and space. It places one right there with Jesus and Mary, in their time and in their day, and unites our hearts and souls with them. Praying the Rosary will never be the same again, and will be a magnificent journey with each Hail Mary and with each decade and with each mystery!...



Thanks for the beautiful 'Praying the Rosary' booklet. It is indeed a pocket book but contains treasure. It is a summary of the summary of the Valtorta work! This book is so attractive and it is a good tool to promote Valtorta books because it is easy to read before one is introduced to The Poem etc. With prayers for you and the entire Valtorta group.



Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a great gift to send someone…



This afternoon I prayed my Rosary from this pocket-book, and I must say what an inner peace I felt at the end. The extracts before each Hail Mary have helped me concentrate, meditate and contemplate the Mysteries. This Rosary pocket-book is a must, for me to carry in my bag. I was hesitant to order it, because I thought the Rosary was going to be a long one, but what a nice surprise Our Lady had in store for me. I’m very happy with it.

PATRICIA ADAM, Chipping Norton, NSW


I write to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to the good Lord in Heaven, [for being given] a [little blue] booklet entitled: “Praying the Rosary with the Writings of Maria Valtorta”. This is truly a Heaven-sent gift, and it will help us to cherish and love our traditional Holy Rosary. The booklet really supplements it, and it has plenty of scope for improving Rosary meditation. It helps me to enter into Our Lord’s and Our Blessed Mother’s lives, to be really present and follow them...

DAMIEN NTHAWIE, Petauke, Zambia


Thank you for the inspirational little blue Rosary pocket-books. I have passed on so many of them within our adoration group, and I’m being continually asked for more by our parishioners to give to their families and friends. They tell me that it makes praying the Rosary an absolute joy, as they can totally immerse themselves in every Mystery that they pray.


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"The Sunday Gospels" (MP3 CD's)


(This message comes from a lady who attends a Prayer Meeting in Toronto with Bishop Roman Danylak, who has lost his reading sight.)

Next to the Bible, His Grace refers frequently to Maria Valtorta. A cost cannot be put on these CDs as far as he is concerned. We even had Jesus speaking through you from Maria Valtorta at the Prayer Meeting re the Holy Eucharist.




Thank you for the “Sunday Gospels” with the commentaries from The Poem. It is really a good resource for any priest. I hope to put it to use as I travel up and down on the country roads. In Domino.




Thank you so much for the complete CD set of commentaries on the Sunday and Feast Day Gospels. An amazing Work of Love that will be a great boon for understanding the liturgical Gospels and for homilists open to Valtorta!




I am overwhelmed at the content and quality of the CDs. What a project indeed! Congratulations on fulfilling it. It is a resource to be treasured. It is wonderful to partake in this banquet the Lord has provided through the writings of Maria Valtorta. My husband Tony (who never has time to read) was also enormously impressed by the production and content. A wonderful means for him to get to know Our Lord’s instruction through the writings.

STEPHANIE MUNRO, Silver Lakes, South Africa



      It sounds gorgeous. I enjoyed every word. So clear, well said, good rhythm, and of course the divine and incredible words of our Lord, the Virgin Mary, Azariah, John, and Valtorta. I enjoyed it. It is a beauty. English sounds so poetic. It is perfect for a good preparation to celebrate Sunday Mass (days before of course), and for preparing homilies, because there is an enormous amount of inspiration there. And I was thinking of many sick people that can't read any more.
      This work has to be known. It has to go into the hands of many people. People who don't read much will hear these CDs and will surely decide to buy The Poem. It is a great and good first step to dive into The Poem fully.
      I hope the idea spreads, and that in the future we can have these CDs read in many languages, starting with Spanish, of course.




I wanted you to know that It is a great joy to be able to hear you read Maria Valtorta's passages pertaining to the current Sunday! You have a great voice and gift! I have read Maria Valtorta's complete work numerous times, and it just brings tears to my eyes as you bring those passages alive audibly.

JOHN ATA, Herndon VA, USA.


Thanks for the “Sunday Gospels” CDs. which are very useful to me in preparing my homily as well as in my spiritual growth.

I really appreciate the effort and hard work, may the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.

FR. MOSES YAP, Sarawak, Malaysia


“The Sunday Gospels” will be good listening material as preachers prepare their homilies. Blind people, whom we often forget, will appreciate as well, I am sure!

A Priest from Canada


Our prayer groupers listened to the Feast of Christ the King on the “Sunday Gospels” CD, and we gave it the “thumbs up”. The work that has gone into this project is mind-boggling!!




I’m lost for words [regarding] the readings from The Poem of the Man-God contained on the Sunday Gospels CDs. This, together with the Diary of St. Faustina which I am currently reading, makes up for the disadvantage of [an Australian] being here in Japan in an all-Japanese community. How God leads each one of us in life is expressionless. I'm lost for words.



Our Lady tells us that we should read the Gospels daily, so I do as she asks. I must point out, however, that Sunday is my favourite reflection day. Because that's when I go to Mass, then I come home and listen to the “Sunday Gospels” that you recorded. I just sit calmly, close my eyes and listen to the Gospel reading again first, and then I lose myself in the corresponding passage from The Poem. All I hear is Jesus and others conversing as though I were actually there, and I come away feeling very refreshed. I feel so peaceful and enlightened by the end of the session, and this is a part of my Sunday each week. I just pray that more people will be able to do this. Those “Sunday Gospels” are a real marvel.

Thank you for the tireless effort that you and the other reader put into this recording. You both read with such reverence.



The “Sunday Gospels” audios are such a gift, such an incalculable blessing. I am so grateful. And I marvel at the even, measured voices. Even while assuming so many varied personalities, the wording-phrasing must not be the easiest, yet the flow is perfect.

MIMI KINTNER, Santiago, Chile


I have been studying these Sunday Gospels week by week and I am finding more depth each time I read and contemplate on them. [The audios] surely magnify the Gospels. The additional details sometimes give a new perspective to the readings, and clarify some of the passages where the meaning is not clear.


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Mary, Mother of the Redeemer and the Church  Her Life, Sufferings, and Mission

The new “Mary...” book arrived this morning and I opened it immediately. I am so very thrilled with it. It is wonderful and I am well into it already.

PAMELA NASSUATO, Todi, Umbria, Italy



The “Mary...” book is beautiful. I read some passages for my mother’s prayer group, and they think it’s lovely. Some hadn’t heard of Maria Valtorta – maybe future readers?




[The new “Mary...” book] brings back beautiful memories of The Poem, which you have gathered in one, single book ... You have excelled in your effort to promote Our Lady’s role in our salvation history.




I’ve been reading [this book] for the second time, and I find it a wonderful opportunity to increase my knowledge of Mary. It would be the best detailed summary of Her life that I have read, and it could only increase devotion to her.

JOHN LANDY, Red Hill, Canberra



I thoroughly enjoyed Mary Mother of the Redeemer. ... I have read the passages relating to Mary so many times, but it was so different to read them together as a book. In all honesty I could not put the book down and went eagerly back to it when we came back home from our daily travels. Thank you for putting such a beautiful book together and for the love and peace and comfort I felt while reading it.




The Poem of the Man-God several times, it was hard for me to conceive that I overlooked and did not fully absorb so much of Our Blessed Mother’s love and sufferings for Her Son Jesus. Maybe it was the extraordinary comprehensive excerpts without interruptions, that became a repetitive hammer to my heart, leaving a profound love that was unquenchable. Being that I just finished reading it last night, I had to write to you as quickly as possible to let you know how I feel about the book. May you be blessed for a gift I cannot be thankful enough for receiving...



"Why if Mary Crying" Audio Book

I had read the book, but the audio adds much for me. The style of reading touches me deeply. Using the MP3 player in the car, I plan to listen to one track at a time. I have May in mind – and I recommend this as a May devotion. (The same could apply to October – Ed.) Congratulations – another great contribution.

BILL CLOHESY, Athelstone, SA



I am really enjoying the new CD. It’s like having you riding around with me reading from The Poem – great company I might add.




I think this is the best recording you’ve made so far. A perfect presentation, and the harp gives just the right touch. (And later) Still listening while commuting. What a wonderful job! A true masterpiece.

TIM FROMANN, Franklin Square NY, USA



We praise and thank God for inspiring you to produce such a wonderful CD, and we hope and pray it will be a great inspiration for some newly ordained priests. “Why is Mary Crying?” is a real gem, and it helps The Poem “come alive” as you relate the words dictated by Jesus and Mary to Maria Valtorta.




This is a truly inspirational CD, and listening to the calm voice, full of expression, takes the listener on an incredible journey back to the birth of Mary and through Her life with Jesus and Joseph – right through to Her Assumption into Heaven. I will order this CD as gifts for my friends who share our love for Mary our Mother. Combined with the “Gospel Meditated Rosaries” CDs, it provides us with a wonderful way to pray, feeling that we are actually living this incredible journey with our Mother, Jesus and Joseph.




[Bishop Danylak] says to thank you so very much [for the copies of the “Why is Mary Crying” audio book he received], and he is in the process of listening and also passing them to those who are in need of listening to this beautiful message.

MARY ELLEN McBRIDE, Markdale ON, Canada



Thank you for the “Why is Mary crying?” audios. A young girl down-loaded the MP3s on to CDs for me, and now I can travel with the Mother, Jesus, and with this greatest story.




Mary Maria Valtora, a Victim Soul – Her Saintly Life, Mission, and Writings

Here is some feedback from a contributor to a well-known Internet Encyclopaedia:)

This book brings together and interleaves many items that would have gone unnoticed ... and provides a "first ever" look at the actual sequence of events in Maria’s life. Hence for the "believers" it is an essential fact book ... It includes several key statements ... and shows your detailed knowledge of her work. It is very impressive in that sense ... I carefully read over [the last two chapters] as you requested. I think they are an excellent summation of the history of Valtorta's [rather Christ's] "Poem..." and provide a fine update for refuting any further objections to the Work as being condemned by the Church. I would appreciate a copy of the booklet if possible.

(From the Webmaster of a Popular Valtorta Site)



Thank you for the great effort in compiling the new book. Great job! Great book!

STEPHEN WONG, Endeavour Hills, VIC



I am totally grateful for the lovely book: Maria Valtorta-A Victim Soul ... which arrived today, just in time for Christmas. It is the nicest book I will receive this Christmas. It is a cohesive work of deep truths and insights drawn together into one unit. It must have taken much research and judgment to complete the work. The picture of Maria on the cover gives the compilation a modern flair that will appeal to the younger set. My sincere thanks for utilizing the introduction humbly submitted by 'your man in Canada.'

PATRICK OWENS, Calgary AB, Canada



This book is, at last, Maria in a nutshell. It sets straight the details of her life, the struggles she had in carrying out the immense work the Lord asked of her, and, so importantly, it clears up all those mistaken ideas that have been spread by the Opposer of the works of God. Thank you for this. It will be seen as a treasure by the increasing number being introduced to Maria's work.

A Valtorta Reader, QLD


Valtorta and Ferri

What a great book Valtorta and Ferri is! It is a “must have” for my Valtorta library. It completes Maria’s work, putting a face on and bringing to life the people she describes so well in The Poem. It is also so beautifully made – a real “art” book. Please God, may all who love her writings see the “faces” behind the characters they read in The Poem come to life before their eyes…



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[The booklets produced by the Readers’ Group serve three main purposes:

1.  As “tasters” and stepping stones to Maria Valtorta’s books – for people who might feel intimidated by their very size (The Poem in particular), and wary of making a commitment to such extensive reading;

2.  As opportunities (for those who have already “taken the plunge”) to re-visit and dwell on particular and much-loved themes;  and

3.  To serve a particular need – such as dealing with forgiveness and other “unfinished business”; learning how to know, love and follow Jesus, Mary and Joseph more; appreciating the value of suffering; understanding the nature of prayer, and fulfilling marriage and family roles more effectively.]

I've been thinking about… how these booklets would keep people from buying The Poem. It could be the opposite. It could lead them to The Poem… Once they get a small taste of what it all contains, perhaps this would lead them to the "complete" thing…

When Maria is known and read, wow!, what a source from which to draw. Many to whom I've given the booklets have been so appreciative, and continue to say how much they have helped… The thing I like most about them is that they center on one topic. It gives one a chance to continue thinking in that area.

 ED FORD, Scottsdale AZ, USA



…The booklets, that seem to be never ending, are indeed wonderful, inspired by God. They are such an easy way of dealing with various themes, and are a great help to many people who don’t get round to reading the fuller volumes. I loan them to different people, but also find great encouragement and help for myself – especially when at times everything seems to pile up and overwhelm me. I can feel I’m in God’s presence, and that He’s actually speaking to me personally…




These little booklets are great, because they immediately address key issues for young people today — such as marriage for example — without having to read the whole Poem. For me personally they are a refresher, because I cannot seem to find the time anymore to read the whole Poem. So I see a great value in [these booklets], and I believe there are a whole lot of people that could be introduced to these wonderful writings this way.



 “The Prayer Life and Teachings of Jesus and Mary”

(Many letters have come about this booklet. One NSW mother ordered one for each of her nine children..)


I have heard so much about Maria Valtorta. I came across a little booklet called “The Prayer Life and Teachings of Jesus and Mary”. Going through this is spiritual honey, and an inspiration of soul. I have a desire to know more about this group, and all about Maria Valtorta… May Almighty God shower the group with His blessings.

NELSON MWANGO, Kasama, Zambia



…I read the whole booklet on the first night I received it in the mail. Its readings have greatly improved my prayer life…

LEONE BROWN, Upper Taylors Arm, NSW



“What Greater Love?”

…I find “What Greater Love?” a marvelous help for prayer and contemplation. The references included are heart-warming – especially the effect of the betrayal of Judas on our Saviour…

New readers would have to be gradually encouraged [by the booklets], and the faithful [would be] enthused more than ever.



 “Forgiving, and Being Forgiven”

(The Three Little Spiders – A True Story)

       Some time ago, when I was completing the final assembly of this booklet, I realised that I couldn’t fit it all into the 32 pages allocated in my computer program. So I decided to delete the second part of the last passage – “On Not Judging”.

       A little later I suddenly noticed a tiny little spider, hanging down from the ceiling and wriggling its legs, right between my eyes and the computer screen. Fascinated by this, I rang my friend Christine, and said that there could be a message in this little event.

       When we finished our conversation, I went back to the computer. A few minutes later the same little spider was back again. It must have returned to the ceiling, moved across about nine inches, come down, and now was almost touching my glasses. A message, for sure!

       I rang Christine again. She told me that after my first call she went into the bathroom and had a similar visit from another tiny little spider! We each picked up our Bible and found a passage at random. But neither passage seemed to be relevant, and I was left, mystified.

       36 hours later, in bed, the word: “thread” came to my mind. Was this the missing link? I went to the computer and, would you believe, that word was in that part of the passage I’d deleted from booklet! The first part of “On Not Judging” was still there, describing Maria’s vision of the large bronze door and the light behind it – from Notebooks 1943, pages 28-9. This first part concluded with:

“I understood in that Light that we must love everyone, not judge anyone, forgive everything, and live through God alone. Two years have passed, but I still see that brilliance…”

The second part, quickly restored into the (first edition) booklet’s inside back cover – ended with Jesus’ words:

“If I had not halted you with my ‘Do not judge’ – making you reflect that even in someone apparently less suited to being an instrument of God, God might be present – you would have broken, with your violence, what I had knotted together: a silk thread destined to become a ship’s hawser, with cables of superhuman charity and human affection…

“Go in peace. Your Jesus does nothing without a perfect purpose.”…

       This story has two sequels. The first happened during a recent “valtortling” trip. Coorparoo in Brisbane was the first stop, and while talking on a quite unrelated subject, a tiny spider walked across my notes. Another message for me, of course: “tell the ‘spider’ story”, which I’ve done many times since. The passage “On Not Judging” is a vital component of a vital story. When I am judging, I am not forgiving. But when I forgive, and am not judging, all good things become possible.

       The second sequel has been the production of a new edition of the Forgiving, and Being Forgiven booklet, which has been improved by:

–  the inclusion of the parables of The Lost Sheep and The Prodigal Son; and

a new cover with the painting of Rembrandt’s Prodigal Son, plus a very telling “bookmark” inside.

I hope and pray that its circulation will be far and wide. A God-given “bonus” has already been the discovery of opportunities for delivery of this booklet into the prison systems, in certain countries.

 “Elizabeth”, who works with a support team in a NSW prison, recently phoned through a moving story of a very positive reaction, when she showed her group some advance copies of the new edition of the Forgiving… booklet. She had to beg for the return of one of the ten copies she arrived with, for herself.


I intend to relate your “spiders” incident to my prayer group at the next meeting. How the Lord can work in riddles, so as not to infringe on our free will. I wish He would be blunter sometimes – yet then again maybe not.

My heart leaps when your envelopes arrive… They get me going again…



“Marriage and Family Life – with Jesus, Mary and Joseph”


Thank you for the booklet on Marriage. I remember reading in the 1st volume of the Poem, the beautiful love of Joachim and Anne, and the love between Mary and Joseph. So beautiful that my tears are to be found on the first 250 pages.

Fr. T. M., NSW


When I returned from my home leave in Ireland, I was so grateful to find “Marriage and Family Life…), [which] strikes me as a very useful booklet to hand to engaged couples who come along to arrange their wedding. It will deepen and steady them in their prayer, for and with each other. It seems to be particularly good printing (I have examined it with a magnifying glass), with nice smooth paper on the cover.

FR. TOM O’NEILL S.J., Singapore



I have loaned out my little book on “Marriage and Family Life…” to so many people, and have some requests for it. Isn't that wonderful? So could you please send me 8 more copies.


The booklet “Marriage and Family Life with Jesus, Mary and Joseph” has information/teaching that helps me to understand how to live in the institution of marriage which God has made. The teachings are so wide, and they help me to see things in different ways and how to go on in life’s difficult situations. I particularly find it such a source of comfort and encouragement while going through a very difficult relationship with my spouse. I strongly recommend this booklet for all couples – to help them stay happy in a healthy relationship, or to learn to handle the situation and transform it with God's teaching and grace. 



 “The Strength and Value of Woman”

I had a woman come up to me this morning after Mass all excited about “The Strength and Value of Woman”. She said she was going to get more of them. Boy, was she ever excited.

ED FORD, Scottsdale AZ, USA



I have read “The Strength and Value of Woman”. This is so relevant to all women – wives or mothers. The teachings are so helpful in understanding the roles women play in all stages of life… As a woman, I am now learning to handle and live the best I can from what God has planned for me. I believe that if I do my part in following God's teachings, He will do His part to help me, and glorify Himself in my life. Women play an important role as foundation/pillar in a family with men. 




Re: “The Strength and Value of Woman”. I think it’s marvellous that all the writings pertaining to the changes in woman’s role in the Church, have been brought together so that you don’t have to search through the volumes of The Poem.



“The Passion, Death & Resurrection of Jesus Christ”

I loved the “Passion, Death & Resurrection of Jesus”. It came out at the right time, as one of the chaps I’m doing welfare with is in need of “spiritual food”. The Lord never ceases to amaze me.




After reading the “Passion” booklet completely, I was compelled to read it again and again… and I had to constantly pause and meditate, to “absorb”… Only after reading the booklet, did I come to know what Jesus actually suffered.,, Now my prayers and devotions are more meaningful, more fulfilling, and with more contrition. It is a great pity I missed out on not knowing about Maria Valtorta’s writings years ago. Now, I want everyone to know about her. I can only imagine how much their faith and devotion would increase, when they read the truth about “The Passion, Death and Resurrection” of our Beloved Saviour.




Ten or so years ago, I had ‘met-up’ with a relative of mine. At the time she was about 83, mostly blind, mostly deaf, a lady extremely devoted to Our Lord and Mary. I told her of my desire to know more about Our Lord’s Crucifixion, and she said that she had a little booklet that I might like to read.

It was Valtorta!!! “The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ”. I regarded it as one of the greatest treasures I had, I was constantly in tears when I read it, and obviously I grew in Love and admiration for Him.

BRIAN TRILLO, Wanganui, New Zealand


“From Sinner to Saint – The Story of Mary Magdalene”

My neighbour wanted to hear if Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany were two different persons. This was bothering her, so I researched with The Poem and gave her the passages that clarified that [the two were] the same. Then I remembered the booklet: “The Story of Mary Magdalene” that I bought a long time ago [which was] more comprehensive. I shall give it to her to read…



“Priests of Jesus”

I want everyone to know that we are many priests that love The Poem, and are in the best disposition to defend, no matter what. Lay people need to know that we, priests that love Valtorta’s writings, are not few. I wish we could ask all the priests that believe and receive so many graces and lights through this Gift of God, to lift their voices with braveness to say "Hey!...we are here! Don’t forget we are with you, and we will defend God’s Word in this Private Revelation to María Valtorta at the head of you!"

I have just began reading the booklet “Priests of Jesus”. It is just great. All that treasure together is amazing. I am at this Spiritual Renovation Course here in Campello (Spain). I am also reading (studying) The Poem, with so much inner peace that I feel I’m already in Heaven. It brings me to prayer all the time. The Poem has made me pray – true praying – more than I have ever prayed before.

Don’t forget us, the priests. We are many, and we are all over the world. We should try a Directory of all of us, and be in contact. Someday, maybe, we could organize a Congress on María Valtorta.


Was particularly glad to read in the Priests of Jesus booklet several testimonies from priests. Here in Santiago Chile neither my son nor I know a priest who is familiar with the Valtorta books, so we are most heartened to read that there may be many in the world who love, use and depend on them...

MIMI KINTNER, Santiago, Chile


“Joseph – a Role Model for Husbands, Families and Consecrated People”

Today (19th March) the priest was talking about St. Joseph, and how he must have had a beautiful death surrounded by Jesus and Mary – but “we don’t know for sure because we have no documented evidence of this.” Well, after Mass, I told my friend, Sarah, to whom I’ve just introduced Maria Valtorta, that this writer described Joseph so beautifully, and I told her bits and pieces. Well, she is still reading the material I’ve given her with so much interest. How blessed I was, enjoying my flashback to Joseph’s death as Maria tells it. How grateful I am for her works and for the joy this work gives me.



“Judas Iscariot – the Betrayer of Jeus”

I just read quite a bit of the Judas booklet. Very excellent. A real teacher of how to avoid being like him – and of the patience of Jesus with that disciple. I think you have incorporated most of the dialogues between Jesus and Judas in that publication.

PATRICK OWENS. Calgary, Canada


 “Crossing the Threshold of Death”

Thanks for the beautiful “Crossing the Threshold of Death” This is a great piece of work really! It is so good how the passages have been extracted. I like maneuvering with the Valtorta materials and coming up with such powerful texts, themes and booklets for the various life situations. (My father is very much in love with the small booklet on prayer.) I am sure prisoners will find this latest compilation so helpful, it is also helpful for all of us who are on a journey to eternity…



The Booklet “Crossing the Threshold of Death” has been very comforting to me [while experiencing a recent bereavement].




“Love and Pain – the Path to Holiness”

Thanks for the booklet on love, pain and suffering. I make use of it so much nowadays when leadership works hit the rocks.



“Jesus Teaches How to Evangelize”

“Jesus Teaches How to Evangelize” is most welcome, and I will be referring to its content in my “New Life” Evangelization course notes – as they include many Scripture references...



"The Genesis and Activity of a Soul"

I had given a recently converted man a copy of "The Genesis and Activity of a Soul", to whet his appetite for Maria's works. His first reply to me is: “I am reading Valtorta’s “Genesis of the Soul”. It really brings the essence of things to life and has my undivided attention at present. I must find out more about the background of these inspired writings. Thanks again for the direction.”



While reading the booklet “The Genesis and Activity of a Soul”, the knowledge of my faith has been enhanced and given a chance to grow in holiness, and the love of Scriptures grows daily.



St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus – and Maria Valtorta

The special supplement on St. Thérèse left me speechless... Did Maria have visions with less known saints or only with better known ones? There could be another project looming for you in the wind – a booklet containing Maria’s visions with the various saints!!..



      2 weeks ago I was looking at a few St. Thérèse websites when I came across:

They have a section where you can post a prayer to which they pray for at their nightly Mass. So I thought I'd post one and see what would happen. I wrote:

      "Dearest St. Thérèse, I ask for your guidance in moving forward with positive ambition. I feel trapped within my health issues and there's no progress in sight. Please hear my prayers."

Since I wrote that prayer, everything has started happening at once! The dental hospital is making progress on getting me in, and we're moving to a new home ... All in a matter of weeks! So today I posted another sort of prayer:

      "Dearest St. Thérèse, Thank-you for helping me move forward with positive ambition. I feel ashamed in thinking you might not be able to help. Through the power of prayer I now understand how gloriously amazing you truly are! Thank-you dearest Thérèse for this new chance to move onward and upward."

      Some people believe in magic, I now believe in the power of prayer, and it's all thanks to you Pa!

(From my Granddaughter, Megan – David D. Murray)

And Finally… From a MVRG Foundation Member

I am delighted to see more and more people falling under the spell of Maria’s gifted writings. It is gratifying to see the spread of Maria’s works worldwide. As one of your foundation members… I pray that more and more people will come to read and experience the real joy of reading these magnificent works of literary excellence. May Jesus and His Blessed Mother bring many more into “the fold”. In the beginning, people used to scoff when I mentioned The Poem etc. Not now, they listen with interest.


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